In other “I’m not dead” news, I love y’all and I still miss you a whole lot. Take care and be well!





How do you feel about drug use, like weed and all that good stuff?

I feel you should be careful, understand the effects and the risks and above all, take care of yourself!

Also, the War On Drugs ruined everything. Arguably.

Yoshikazu Suo - Material Love
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Yoshikazu Suo - Shamanic Princess ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.2 (1997)

Material Love


Remember the time that Aoba and Shinji teamed up to beat angels with the power of ROCK


Remember the time that Aoba and Shinji teamed up to beat angels with the power of ROCK

Shiro Sagisu - The Image Of Me -vocalise
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Shiro Sagisu - EVANGELION-VOX (1997)

The Image Of Me -vocalise (A-1)


So, hey, Tumblr. I’m not very into talking about my personal life outside of a private setting online, but I suppose push comes to shove sometimes, and right now, I need your halp.

I’m in the process of going through a divorce. I packed up my things and moved out on February 1st, and things have been weird since. iThe agreement in the divorce (and, in fact, when we first discussed permanent separation) was that my spouse would take on some of the debt we’d accrued together. In the papers signed, there was an agreement for alimony. Neither one of those things are going to happen, as far as I can tell. My spouse’s phone has been shut off and she moved out of the old apartment abruptly last month. There’s been no communication whatsoever. If you’re in touch with her, well, I won’t stop you from telling her this, because I would have if I could! Ha ha.

Basically, all this has piled onto some really severe mental health problems and rather than hospitalize myself (can’t afford it!) I quit my job at Starbucks last week so that I can cry in bed instead of in the breakroom.

This puts me in a dumb financial pickle: I have exactly enough money to pay my bills this month and not a dollar more. It’s seriously a weird amount, too. I’m startled.

I know way more people have it way harder than I do. I’m lucky to have a place to stay, food to eat, and I’m safe and well-cared for. But I’m going to file for bankruptcy in May, and need to squeak by until I can get a new job. When my transfer got messed up initially, I applied for handfuls of other jobs in February and got nowhere. I’m back at it now, but I can’t tell the future any better than I could before.

The tl;dr of it all is that I don’t want to ask for something for nothing, so this is what I can offer: I’m willing to do things for money!

Do you want me to draw you a picture?

I will! I’m pretty okay at drawing.

Do you want me to write you something?

I will! If it’s a fandom I know, that’ll be easy; if it’s not, well… I’ll do my best.

Do you want… I don’t know, call someone that you’re too afraid to talk to?

I will totally do that because I know how scary that is.

Email me with your requests at operatorplaysalittlepingpong at gmail dot com and I will quote you a price (like maybe two dollars? five dollars? Depends on what you want!) and we’ll see what I can do for you.

If there’s nothing you want, but you like me, feel free to signal boost. I really appreciate anything and everything, even if it’s just the warm feeling of friends being around. Thank you.